Wednesday, May 7, 2008

welcome to the efinger BMX team blogspot. starting small for our first post check back frequently for updates as the majority of the team will have access to the blog. first up, its the whole team left to right justin benthien, eric marion, adam urbano rick danielsen, joey alicino, patt cecilian, dean watson, and ben bentivegna look for interviews pictures and nonsense to follow


Anonymous said...

i felt i needed to leave the first comment

C said...

Marc C. Here from Efinger, and officially the "team manager" I guess.

I am very happy and proud to have these guys representing us. They all bring a great variety of skills and, I believe, truly represent the best the area has to offer.

I also want to thank Ralph and the guys over at Animal BMX for thier sponsorship and helping get our guys off on the right foot. The team will be rockin' a bunch of Animal products, further helping them push the limits whie riding everything from ramps to street to anything grindable.

Good luck guys, glad to have you all. Also, thanks to Eric and Rick from the team for really pushing me to get this team going. Great job!

theBMXmom said...

Great pics.
Ride safe young gladiators!

Alicino fan said...

Great team! Great Blog, need more pictures and videos. (especially Joey Alicino)

and maybe bios too-

xfrengerx said...

its nice having a team thats as good as you guys in the little town of somerville. i go to the skate park here and watch you guys ride, its like i get to watch the pros ride for free. i look up to you guys and want to be as good as you guys one day. everyone at the efingers bike department is awesome, buying things is like one two three. i get everything from you guys.

your loyal fan and customer,